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We are  opening a door to entrepreneurs seeking to fulfill both financial needs and personal desires.

We understand the EU, Middle East and Asian markets. We are dedicated to  helping you find your dream business opportunity.

We believe anyone can be a successful business owner and enjoy financial freedom when they discover the right franchise for them

happy-young-couple-holding-pizza-boxes-100208318We seek to understand
We work with you on a one2one basis and we will take the time to needed understand exactly what it is that is on your wish list.

Our business is about understanding more than just how the franchise business model works, we seek to understand you, your interests, your strengths,  your weaknesses, your business experience and your psychometric profile.

We advocate
Once we identify the right fit between you and a shortlist we introduce you to your preferred franchisor/s, our passion is  sourcing money, signposting help with business plan, market intelligence (demographics), real estate sourcing and if required  helping a master franchisor  kick start the recruitment process.

Beginning through to exit
We offer you a complete service, from establishing your brief to handling the search/acquisition process, right through to completion and beyond by forward planning your exit route strategy. Our team can often broker a resale  or help you grow through an acquisition.

Enduring partnership
In these pages, we explain what we do to earn your trust and how we deliver a service of real and lasting value.

Whether as a Master Franchise finding individual franchisees to purchase and run the outlets as part of your team or as a hands on franchise outlet operator we know ownership is more than simply purchasing a business. Franchising is a path to wealth and success if executed correctly and a nightmare if you are a bad fit with the business you just bought.. Being a Franchise owner is a solid and tested career change.

Peace of mind
You are an investor in yourself and in something of true mercantile worth. By working with Mercantile Investors team you have the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re not alone and great support is readily available. The great news is that in many cases this service is funded by franchisors and funders seeing us as brokers. That could mean our service is supplied at zero cost to you.Frankly you might opt to go it alone, if so we wish you well on your journey but advocate you prepare for.

Experts in Master Franchise and Franchise Finance

Are you looking for finance to start a new master/franchise or acquire a resale?


  • 100% Finance ( No Deposit)
  • 94% Approval Ratio
  • £10k – £1 Million+
  • Excellent Rates
  • 1 – 5 Years
  • Often Same Day Decision
  • Business to business finance
  • Finance Payments 100% Tax Deductible
  • No Charges Against Land or Property

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Franchising is big business but make it your business to know the traps and avoid the pitfalls in advance. 

Before looking into all the benefits of owning your own business we prefer to open with the crucial facts that NO franchise business should be bought without undertaking careful due diligence and you should make yourself aware of all the business traps in advance. High incomes are not easily achieved.

Gaining legal advice is the first step before completing any paperwork and handing over your investment. All forms of franchising require cash flow as  a business without cash flow is like a formula one driver being on the grid without petrol  and a business plan should be undertaken together with any loan/funding requests.

Use as an accountant with an understanding of the sector you wish to enter and with expertise in the arena of franchising.

Along with the legal advice, accountancy support, a key element of due diligence comes from finding a broker with the ability to understand the psychology of you as a new franchise buyer and in a state of mutual discovery we suggest you do due diligence on you. We are not saying that all franchisors are only interested in banking the master franchise fee and neither are we suggesting that a master franchisor would award a franchise to the wrong type of applicant because they were dazzled by a big bank account. What we will state is that it has happened and the wrong fit in a franchisee/franchisor relationship is costly for all involved.

One of the very first questions we would discover with you – Do you like people? As a master franchisee you will basically be selling franchises and be heavily involved in training people. It is a steep and costly learning curve if you have no expertise in any of the process of being a franchisor. Likewise a franchisee in a field that they dislike could lose money at an alarming rate without the right backing. We suggest a broker can guide investors throughout the process, making the best deal for both buyer and seller.

Whilst you should tread with care  we also will work with you to reflect on where you are and select together the best path a franchise to focus on which maybe your vehicle that will allow you to achieve your goals. Frankly many people need a broker to act as a consultant to not just handhold the buying of a franchise but to overhaul how to do business in the 21st century, we seek to update how much you are worth and to examine why you are not already making double what you make today. We see limiting self belief as one of the key factors that hold new franchise operators back, income gauged similar to a thermostat in room, it reaches a limit and shuts down. The subconscious is the same, a franchisee needs mind management in just the same way a top sportsman has a coach. You can see your consultant at Mercantile Investors as a franchise coach who will counsel you into moving forward by changing your preconditioning. We know of owner operators who have bought U.S. franchise deals to the UK, built it, taken the business to floatation (AIM) and had £25m in valuation and that business has then grown to a valuation of £1b. We are not suggesting everybody who raises a million will turn this into a billion but what you can do is build a business of true worth and that is all based on the best self belief. We would not run a PC on Windows 95 yet we might run our lives on twenty year old psychology.

The key is having a mindset ready to overcome hurdles and setting out a mental image of what your outcome will be. Whilst we are brokers with insider knowledge of our industry we cannot guarantee any other outcome than expect that things will go wrong. At every opportunity we will prioritise your goals,  how you might use this groundwork in selling yourself to a franchisor and building a business to whatever level you wish