Begin Your New Career

We actively seek to recruit talented people from all academic backgrounds into our business development programme.

Your Business Your Life,Your Reward

Airstream Consultants operate this website as Mercantile Investors and opoerate a system which appeals to motivated, qualified professionals. Managers can spend less time on remedial training and more time leading. Performance inspires performance, attracting even more career-minded professionals.


In business for Yourself – but not by Yourself

At Airstream Consultants you run your business independently, but you are never alone in daily operations or in long-term business planning. You are always backed by Airstream Consultants strong network, benefiting from support in training, referrals, marketing, technology and administration. This enables you to reach your full potential concentrating on what you do best.


Your Effort, Your Return

Franchise consulting and brokerage business, you also want to keep the maximum gain possible and not give up a huge part or your commission. With Airstream Consultants you only pay a management fee and a share of monthly head office overhead, while keeping maximum commission for yourself and receiving the numerous benefits of Mercantile business support services. All of them are designed to enable you to reap the maximum reward for your efforts.

Are you right for us?