How will you make my life easier?

Step by step

Mercantile Investors will take care of you every step of the way

10 reasons why we take the hassle out of buying a franchise

1 FREE consultation and advice- our senior consultant will assess your objectives and help you decide on the best sectors look for
2 We will establish how much money you would like to make and in return will seek to know how much you have  to spend
3 Determine the type of businesses that you have an interest in and the limitations to each business. Is it something that you enjoy doing?
4 Check the demand for the products or services that you are thinking of offering in your area and what happens if the market changes
5 We can highlight important franchise  information and help you make a shortlist
6 Guidance through the negotiation process and help in proving you to the franchisor as they have a brand at risk. You are unproven and our role is to help you present yourself
7 We will help you to review the franchise  opportunity and optimise your negotiation opportunities. We can often gain a better result than if you choose to go it alone.
8 Business to business finance is often required and we can guide you through the financing process. They will prepare your application and find the best deal for you.
9 Due diligence is key and we can help you check the credentials of your accountant and lawyer
10 Completion and getting started. We are still here for you and can even help out if ever you seek to sell your business