Why choose Mercantile Investors?

Peace of mind

Choose Mercantile Investors and we’ll take care of everything

Franchise selection can be a challenge to conduct on your own or with the wrong advisor. You can however save a huge amount of frustration, time, effort and of course money. With one of our consultants you can be certain to benefit from vast amounts of expertise.


Get your new lifestyle off to a great start and pick the best franchise for you

The team behind Mercantile Investors have worked with a superb handpicked group of franchisors for many years and our inside knowledge of the industry is what makes us one of the world’s  leading independent business consultancies who specialise in buying and selling franchising. As a highly respected team from the world of business opportunities we have coached thousands of people just like you and trained franchisees or team members some of the best known brands on the planet.


We never forget  it is your money

In addition to your franchise requiring capital, we know you seek an income and exit route for this business. With you in mind we personally select all of our franchisors, we have consultants accross the UK, Europe and Asia providing you with the right income potential and our consultants can work with you to ensure you get your new franchise off to the right start. We offer all our clients discovery sessions and work with you to find the business of your dreams.

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